"I feel sad for everyone who’s actually a songwriter. They don’t get paid."
Ahead of the release of ABBA: Live at Wembley Area, Benny Andersson tells Craig McLean why he isn't interested in an ABBA reunion (TMG) Camera Press
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"A white shirt is kind of my uniform, because it always feels rig"
She wanted to be an architect when she grew up – but ‘clothes are faster than buildings’. Designer Rebekka Bay talks to Jess Cartner-Morley about her plans for Gap. (GO) Guardian
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"Money is tricky. It blinds you, and it makes it difficult to stay humble. I am glad for knowing what life felt like without money."

Robert Downey Jr speaks about his new movie "The Judge", recalls being in front of a judge in his personal life quite often, the childhood memories of his father and he speaks about becoming a dad himself again, the relationship to his wife and being the best paid actor in the world these days. (AD)

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Camera Press
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"Someday, the time to retire will come."
Robert Duvall opens up about his movie "The Judge" as well as retiring.  (ASW) Camera Press
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"Where does that girl go? Where does that youth go?"
At 51, and on the eve of a major new exhibition, Tracey Emin talks about mortality, motherhood and why she is so driven. (GO) Guardian
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"You see these nature shows about Chimpanzees? They’re war-like. They kill and eat. We’re not very different, except we don’t find humans that tasteful!."
Morgan Freeman: In this interview (coming with an exclusive photo shooting) the actor talks about: opening a blues club, his voice, the connection he has to Clint Eastwood, environmental issues, his interest in science and politics. (CH) Cool Hunt
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"Groupies don’t really exist any more. It’s kind of gross. Although I’m sure my boyfriend had plenty of fun back in the day."
Actor Kate Hudson, 35, is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and musician Bill Hudson, but was raised by Hawn and Kurt Russell. Here she talks about the most important things she has learned. (NI) Reuters
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"Family means everything to me."
The Walking Dead and This Life actor says his children are teaching him, not vice versa. (GO) Guardian
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"I might be done with Los Angeles. I’ve just realised that in the past few weeks."
Last year the actor decided to sell his mansion in Griffith Park, near the famous Hollywood sign in central Los Angeles, saying he was too young to be tied to such a lavish property and instead wanted to lay low and live life to his needs rather than his means. (BF) Camera Press
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"Sometimes you find out ugly things when you ask hard questions."
Ben Affeck talks about his new movie "Gone Girl", lessons about directing that he took away from David Fincher, his own history with the mass media and the reason why many relationships fall apart. (DB) Action Press
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