"Older women continue to want sex but men don't want to sleep with them. "
In Welcome to New York, she plays the long-suffering wife of an adulterous financier, based on Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Here she talks about sexual desire and what divides men and women. (GO) Action Press
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"Winning the show actually gave me the confidence to think, ‘I can do anything.’"
Winning ‘Deal or No Deal’ kickstarted Naughty Boy’s career. Now he’s the most popular collaborator in pop. (BF) action press
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"I think if someone does something really unique they are going to get criticised and are not going to win awards."
The unashamedly original Hollywood leading man on taking risks and why he never set out to be liked. (BF) action press
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"When I discovered the hardanger fiddle, it was as if I'd found the means to express the sounds I was hearing in my head."
The Gloaming, the five-man supergroup are taking folk where it's never gone before. They tell how it's all thanks to a 12-year-old pianist and a fiddle with eight strings. (GO)
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"I don’t think of comfort when I’m designing a shoe."
The shoe designer discusses glass stilettos, his new nail varnish range and Kate Middleton, the secret Louboutinlover. (NI) action press
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"There are certain songs I feel embarrassed about now."
Grant Nicholas, the 46-year-old frontman with Feeder, says that he still feels lucky to be able to do what he loves, but that there is much about being in a band he hates. (BF) action press
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"I've seen my songs slaughtered pretty good."
The Queen of Country on people – amateur and professional – singing her classics, being the toast of Glastonbury and who should play her in the biopic she's planning. (GO) action press
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"I’m proud of everything that I’ve ever done. Even my mistakes. Because without the mistakes there are no lessons. "
The one-man hit machine put a smile on the world’s face with his song 'Happy’. If only he could explain how he did it…(TMG) Action Press
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"From east London warehouse parties to US No 1."

Hotly tipped for six years, the singer had given up fame before Fancy, the song she co-wrote for Iggy Azalea, topped the US charts. Is it enough to put an end to her panic attacks? (GO)

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"I think the people you love can heal you."
Jack Antonoff (Bleachers) talks about the late success of FUN, his new celebrity lifestyle, his collaborations with Taylor Swift, his passion for 80s filmmaker John Hughes, the depressing current music scene, his star wars bar mitzvah, living with his parents, his "Tank Girl"-fashion style and his experiences at a songwriter camp for Rihanna. (HA) Action Press
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