"I’m trying to show what it’s like to be human."
The Swedish director, whose film A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence premieres at Venice next week, mourns society’s breakdown – and explains why he sees himself as a bird. (GO) action press
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"I used to keep quite a lot of racehorses in the stables, but as my children have grown up, the animal cast-list has changed."
Frankie Dettori is selling up and moving on to pastures new. In an exclusive interview, Britain’s best-loved jockey talks about horses, helipads – and an emu called Bruce. (TMG) action press
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"I used to make ringtones. "
Duke Dumont: The hit DJ and producer on giving a song to Britney Spears, being one of the most-Googled dukes and keeping Ding Dong the Witch is Dead off No 1. (GO) Guardian
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"Nowadays we try to write setlists for shows and there are too many songs to choose from, which is a nice problem to have” (Daniel Kessler)"
Interpol on supermodels, surfing and (not) hanging out with the Strokes. (GO) Camera Press
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"I’m very scared by the fact I’ve become older… I know the end is getting near."
Yayoi Kusama, as a young artist, scandalised Japanese society with her 'obscene’ work. But finally, aged 85 and still painting away furiously, she has found the recognition she craves – if not inner peace. (TMG) action press
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"I still have my Levi’s jacket that I bought on the Portobello Road when I was 14."
Liberty Ross, 35, model and designer, on denim, Los Angeles and her family. (TMG) action press
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"I could never manage being a spy. It's not the sex or the killing that would bother me, it's all the wigs you have to wear. I like feeling the wind in my hair! "
Keri Russell on her movie/TV career, working with her husband and "The Americans". (DB)
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"The gay struggle is coming to an end, and it’s time for transgender women to play a part in the world."
The world’s first transgender international footballer on the fight for equality, meeting Tim Cahill and that 31-0 defeat against Australia. (GO) Mirrorpix
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"Religion tries to control the most important things in our lives, which are what you eat and how you f---"

Stellan Skarsgård tells Robbie Collin how he clashed with his country’s greatest director – and why he’s never been afraid of baring all. (TMG)

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The Daily Telegraph
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"I’ve never liked just standing there and looking pretty."
With her rock star lineage and teen modelling career, Liv Tyler could easily have become a Hollywood wild child. Instead, she chose the school run and family holidays in Leeds. (TMG) Reuters
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